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Unmasking the Genetics of Early Heart Disease

Catching familial hypercholesterolemia early can save lives  By Heather Stringer Katherine Wilemon was 15 when she discovered that she was living with extremely high cholesterol levels in her blood. At the time, she and her doctors had no idea how seriously this would put her life at risk as she…

Annual Order: Talk to Your Doc

The focus of your gynecologic exam will evolve as you age. Talking openly with your OB/GYN during your annual visit will ensure that you get what you need at your stage of life. By Diana Price Do you see your gynecologist each year for an annual exam? For many women…

Write Away the Pain

Finding an expressive path can help you come to terms with chronic illness and forge an identity in the face of pain. By Ashley Boynes-Shuck I could easily write an article about what it means to be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 10, or one about having brain surgery…

Ask the Nurse: Fatigue, Pain, and Related Depression with RA

Carrie Beach, RN, BSN, answers questions about how fatigue and pain can lead to depression for those living with rheumatoid arthritis.  Q: First, can you describe the role of fatigue and pain in rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? What do these symptoms feel like, and what is the range of severity that…

It’s in the Genes

Advances in genetic testing are offering women more information than ever before about their genetic makeup and are providing opportunities for empowered decision making related to a wide range of health issues. In this recurring column, experts provide vital information about how genetic testing suits one’s individual needs, potential risks…

Finding Balance: Scenes from a Family

For many women, juggling professional success and family life presents challenges. Bringing home the skills that serve you in the workplace might just help you organize your life at home. By Sarah Shaw, MEd, BCBA It’s 6 P.M. and you’re on your way home from work, still reveling in the…

Compliments: Accept the Gift with Grace

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM Why is it so hard to listen to nice things about yourself? It seems like it should be so easy—and enjoyable—but many of us react to compliments in ways that reflect our difficulty in accepting and internalizing these positive messages. For many women…

Living with RA: Build Your Body Image from the Inside Out

Living with a chronic condition like rheumatoid arthritis can present challenges to body image; understanding that you still have control over how you feel about yourself is an important step toward well-being. By Sheree C. Carter, PhD, RN As women we are uniquely in tune with our bodies, developing from…

Be Skin Aware

Exercise caution when using dermatology websites and apps, and know who’s providing your care. Carrie Kovarik, MD, FAAD Associate Professor, Dermatology, Dermatopathology, and Infectious Diseases University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Thanks to the recent proliferation of web­sites and apps offer­ing remote dermato­logic consultations, patients may think they can receive high-quality care…

Autoimmune Disease: All the Signs they Cannot See

Living with an autoimmune disease often means managing a variety of symptoms that are invisible—but debilitating. By Monica Richey, MSN, ANP-BC/GNP Over the past 20 years, research related to the manage­ment of autoimmune diseases has provided welcome knowledge and treatment strategies. Despite these ad­vances there remains a lot we don’t…

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