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Telemedicine: Log on to Feel Better through Virtual Visits

Expanding online access points to care providers means more women are booking virtual visits. By Diana Price You’ve had a stuffy nose for about a week. It has become progressively more congested, and you now have some pretty significant sinus pain. It’s feeling like a sinus infection, but you are…

Patients Rising: Voices of Value

Megan Sullivan never expected to be the face of a skin cancer diagnosis. By Terry Wilcox In 2014, after plummet­ing 50 feet from the side of a mountain at Yosemite Nation­al Park and jumping off her Ves­pa to avoid a car, Megan Sullivan finished off the two-week string of bad…

Find Your Road to Relaxation

By Denise King Gillingham, LMSW, ACC, CPM Relaxing sounds easy, doesn’t it? Sit down, put your feet up, and decompress. And the incentive to relax is certainly there: current studies are consistently circulating through our news feeds about the negative impact that stress can have on our physical and psychological…

When the Diagnosis Is Scleroderma

Becoming a proactive patient is key to managing this rare autoimmune disease. By Linda Slusser The first time my fingers grew painfully cold, turning purple, then white, and then back to a normal pink, the temperature was 60 degrees. It was April and I had been walking my dog. Over…

Do You Need A Daily Calcium Supplement?

A clear understanding of how much calcium you are already getting through your diet should precede supplement use. By Diane L. Schneider, MD Many women have questions about calci­um supplements. Should you be taking a daily supplement? The answer is yes, no, or maybe, depending on what you are eating…

Cold Season Primer

Cold symptoms can lead to uncertainty about treatment and progression. Read on for cold season coping strategies and guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. By Diana Price We’ve all heard the bad news: there is no cure for the common cold. But how do you know if you have a run-of-the-mill…

Plant Based Diets- A Modern Way to Eat

Plant-based dishes are the stars of this collection of practical, delicious recipes by Anna Jones When Anna Jones steps into her London kitchen to prepare food in the evening, the food stylist and cook is motivated by the same factors that drive so many of us today: she wants to…

Goal Setting for Long-term Wellness

Setting goals can help you achieve long-term, positive changes in your health and well-being. By Diana Price At my local gym, there is a bulletin board mounted on a wall on the fitness floor, onto which gym-goers tack notes that describe their exercise, weight loss, or other well­ness goals: “Run…

Mindful Management: Living with Autoimmune Disease

Five steps people living with autoimmune diseases can take to incorporate mindfulness and improve quality of life.  By Elizabeth Kirchner, CNP Mindfulness is a buzzword that seems to be everywhere, but what does it actually mean? In the most basic sense, mindfulness is sim­ply awareness. Being aware of some of…

Ask The Nurse: Arthritis and Intimacy

Q&A with Iris Zink, MSN, RN, ANP-BC President, Rheumatology Nurses Society What are some of the ways that rheumatologic diseases can affect a woman’s physical sexual function? Sexual function can be affected in various ways, depending on a person’s unique diagnosis. For exam­ple, both Sjögren’s syndrome and systemic lupus cause…

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