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Ashley Boynes-Shuck

Ashley Boynes-Shuck, also known as “Arthritis Ashley,” is the published author of 3 books entitled Sick Idiot, Chronically Positive, and To Exist. She is also a co-author of Empowered in Pittsburgh and a health news reporter for in addition to being an award-winning blogger, advocate, health coach, social media influencer, and public speaker. Additionally, Ashley is involved with the Autoimmune Registry and has worked closely with the Arthritis Foundation. She is working on her fourth book. Ashley has even spoken in front of Congress about arthritis legislation, been quoted in Teen Vogue and on the Today Show website, and been tweeted by Oprah Winfrey about her work!

Outside of health and wellness, Ashley is passionate about her family & friends, animals, fashion, astronomy, birdwatching, going to concerts, traveling, politics, and decorating. She resides in Pittsburgh with her husband Mike (an elementary school teacher, kettlebell instructor, and American Ninja Warrior competitor,) her 3 dogs, and 2 cats. Ashley has lived with rheumatoid arthritis since middle school, and also has several other chronic autoimmune and musculoskeletal/chronic pain conditions including celiac disease, osteoarthritis, dystonia, POTS, and Chiari malformation.

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